Job Advert Content

The success of failure of any job advert depends on how it appeals to potential applicants.

80% of job seekers are on smart phones so keep information relevant and concise. 

1. About the company

Give confidence in your company include: 

Date established - Company Size - Client Base - Company Size - Professional memberships. 

 2. About the job

Describe the job you are marketing. (Please only include one job type per advert) 

Include and detail benefits early to gain applicant attention detail all the benefits not just monetary these can include : 

Health and Safety - Education - Training - Career potential - Company equipment - PPE provision - Transport - Staff care 

Location - Are you based in a nice area people might want to live and bring up a family. Can you offer accommodation during a trial period. 

We recommend using the term "Salary based on qualifications and experience" 

Detail the role and duties. 

  3. Skills required

Highlight the skills you are seeking from the applicant.

The more specific you are the less applications you will recive. 

We would recommend casting your net wider then review and prioritise the applicants. You can always decline an application but you need to have applications first.

Use terms like "Ideally would have" and "Preference given to applicants with" rather than "Must have" 

Please remember it is your duty to ensure your advert meets current employment law and regulations to avoid any legal issues we recommend you review this before placing any advert.

Finish your advert with a human touch. 

"If you'd like more information about this role or to apply directly to us please use the application system below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest" 

Amending your advert 

Amend your advert at any time via your account:

  1. CLICK -  Job listings on your account menu
  2. CLICK - Manage button to right of job title
  3. CLICK - The orange Amend button to right of the screen

Make your editorial amendments then click update/amend at the bottom of the page. 

During moderation, you cannot make further amendments. Your old advert will only be replaced once the new advert has been approved. 


Found in the invoices section of your account menu. 

Social media 

We have an industry specific social media following. Only our Featured adverts are promoted here. Please ensure you add a marketing photograph promoting the job role. If you have one also add corporate video link as both will help attract potential applicants.

Reviewing your advert 

Via job listings you can review an adverts performance our Google verified statistics show how many visitors have viewed your advert. If you have a lot of views yet limited applications review and amend your advert content.

Reach more applicants 

Our enhanced featured adverts are also promoted to our social media network reaching more potential applicants. If you want to enhance your adverts potential review the potential a featured advert offers you.

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Arbjobs makes no representations or warranties in relation to employment offered or information provided by advertisers. It is the applicant’s duty to fully investigate any company and agree terms before accepting employment.